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ISHA Efforts to Address Telehealth

ISHA has been busy trying to bring attention to the shortfalls in our telehealth statute that impact the ability of SLPAs, Clinical Fellows and students to use telehealth. On August 26, ISHA testified at the General Assembly’s Interim Study Committee on Public Policy that the lack of statutory authority for SLPAs, CFs and students will severely impact the delivery of services in both the school and health care settings. At this point the Committee does not have jurisdiction to study telehealth, but they have requested jurisdiction to study telehealth. If they receive approval, it is hopeful that the Committee will make a recommendation that our telehealth statute needs to be expanded.

On August 27, ISHA met with the Indiana Department of Education to share our concern about how the lack of telehealth authority for SLPAs and CFs will impact the provision of adequate services for Indiana students. IDOE appreciates the problem that will arise as more schools go virtual, and will investigate if they can help address the problem given that all of us are restricted by the narrow nature of the statute.

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