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2019 Indiana Legislative Summary

Senate Bill 189 (Emergency Permits for Communication Disorders)

  • Re-creates and then phases-out Emergency Permits for Communication Disorders in schools for 2 years.

  • Signed by Governor.

House Bill 1001 (Hearing Aid Assistance Program of Indiana)

  • 2019-2021 appropriation is $375,000 annually, the previous level.

  • Signed by Governor.

House Bill 1113 (Telecoils)

  • Requires first and second class cities to consider installation of audio frequency induction loop systems in public buildings.

  • Requires Audiologists and Hearing Aid Dealer to inform patients of telecoils.

  • Signed by Governor.

House Bill 1269 (Deregulation of Hearing Aid Dealers)

  • Would have abolished licensure of Hearing Aid Dealers and deregulated fitting of hearing aids.

  • Was amended to restore regulation of hearing aid dealers and hearing aids.

  • Awaiting action by Governor.

House Bill 1484 (Assessment of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children)

  • Requires Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing to develop language development milestones and to select tools and instruments for language assessments.

  • Requires Center to distribute resources to parents.

  • Permits Center to provide training and assistance to local educational agencies.

  • Permits Center to assess children ages 0-3.

  • Permits schools to assess children ages 3-10.

  • Awaiting action by Governor.

Link below is the first bill track for session. 


Link below is access to the text of bills.


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