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Supporting Clinical Practice

Resources for Clinicians Working with School-Age Clients

Bilingual Service Delivery - This resource from ASHA (American Speech-Language Hearing Association)  describes in detail key issues and considerations when working with bilingual clients and families.

Leaders Project - The Leaders Project Website was founded and is directed by Dr. Catherine Crowley. Its mission is to “connect clinical practice with law and research in order to provide culturally and linguistically appropriate services.” Dr. Crowley does this by providing a variety of resources that support SLPs and other professionals in appropriate evaluations.

Milestone Checklists - These checklists are directly from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They outline developmental milestones by age.

Speech Pathology Assessment Resource List - A collection of SLP assessment tools that cover a wide range of topics. These assessments can be checked out by licensed speech language pathologists in Indiana. The collection is a collaborative project supported by Indiana Resource Center for Autism and the Library at the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community.

Workload Calculator - ASHA has developed this tool to use when determining whether a school based workload is balanced. The calculator can be used when collaborating with school administration in addressing SLP workload issues. Data is automatically translated into graphic form.

ASHA statement on assessment/evaluating

ASHA eligibility determination

Virginia Department of Education

  1. Best Practice Guide. The VA DOE created a 100 plus page document with resources to assist in all aspects of SLP services in the schools. The evaluation/assessment portions are extremely thorough. Exercise some caution as this document was created with VA rules in mind.
  2. SLP test comparison chart. This chart can be used by school based SLPs in selecting appropriate assessments based on sensitivity/specificity and norming sample. Provides some resources and guidelines on how to report scores in assessment reports.

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