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State-Advocates for Medicare

ASHA's State Advocates for Medicare (StAMPs)

The mission of the State Advocates for Medicare Policy (StAMP) Network is to enhance and perpetuate the advocacy, leadership, and communication of ASHA members at the state level to influence administrative and public policy decisions that impact Medicare coverage and reimbursement of audiology and speech-language pathology services.

What do StAMP Network participants do?

StAMP Network participants are appointed by ASHA recognized state speech-language-hearing associations. They advocate for Medicare coverage and reimbursement of audiology and speech-language pathology services in the states.

The StAMP representative is responsible for establishing or enhancing effective links to medical directors, consultants, and key personnel with

  • Medicare administrative contractors (MACs),
  • Medicare regional office officials,
  • state health agencies (certify Medicare facilities)
  • consumer groups,
  • and other related professionals.

How can the StAMP Network help me?

StAMP representatives serve as a resource to fellow audiologists and speech-language pathologists regarding compliance with local and national Medicare coverage and payment policies. Getting in touch with them is easy: Indiana's StAMP is Jennifer Freeman (SLP). Contact her at with any questions or concerns.

ASHA site for StAMPs

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