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Professional Development

Professional Development Opportunities from ISHA

ISHA annual Fall and Spring events

These are listed in EVENTS: Annual ISHA Conferences. Also available is a calendar view of EVENTS.

ISHA Webinar Series

Free quarterly professional development events for ISHA members. These ASHA certified CEU events are one hour long, and cover a variety of topics.

Upcoming Webinars (all scheduled for 7-8pm EST)

  • Thursday 11/4/21: "Can you hear me now?" - Lessons Learned from Virtual Rehab and Research in Aphasia
  • Thursday 2/17/22: Bring Back the Joy of Communication to Fluency Treatment with Open Stuttering

Call for Submissions

Do you have an idea for a one-hour presentation for our ISHA members? Please fill out this Google Form. The professional development team will review all submissions and will contact you as soon as possible to schedule your presentation. Marketing presentations are not allowed. Thank you for your support of ISHA!

Highlighted Opportunities for ISHA Members

For SLPs: ASHA approved online CEUs from MedBridge discounted for ISHA members ($95/year). Subscription link (includes ISHA promo code). For more information: ISHA brochure.

For AuDs: ISHA members get a free bonus month when they join AudiologyOnline! Use the promo code ISHADEAL to get 13 months of unlimited CEU access for $99. Join and explore 1400+ courses in more than 30 topic areas:

Non-ISHA CEU Opportunities Forum

Forum to post CEU opportunities that are either free or discounted for ISHA members

For questions about Professional Development or how to post on this forum please contact Joey Box, ISHA VP of Professional Development, at

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