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Appropriate Evaluations for SLPs

08 Jun 2012 9:05 AM | Mary Cathlene (Cathy) Sturm
ASHA has recommended PACE- in response to the new evaluation system that the public school SLP is facing.  Does ISHA have recommendations or an example of a workable evaluation for accountability?  Time is of the essence in regards to information. 


  • 16 Aug 2012 2:08 PM | Mary Lou Harmon
    I would like to ask the same question. Does ISHA or the Public School Committee have any examples of a workable evaluation tool for SLP's in the schools ? I have been placed on a committee to look a performance evaluation tool for special education and speech pathologists in our school district.
    I have a copy of the PACE report from ASHA. My school administration does not like ASHA guidelines and feel they have been too invasive into setting public school SLP qualifications and supervision. They have told me that the new guidelines have made it even harder for them to find speech pathologists to serve in the schools. They are not willing to address any caseload issues and the Union is basically ineffective in these areas. I don't agree with their position and we have tried to explain the reason the licensure standards exist. So, I have to be careful when referring to ASHA based guidelines. They are more open to listening to ISHA,
    I could also use input from others in the State or ISHA for guidance. The SLP's are often put under the unbrella with special education teachers and not directly addressed as a seperate profession with seperate expectations in the schools. Thank you
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