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URGENT - 1/31/18 - Permanently Repeal Therapy Cap - ASHA Needs Your Help!

01/30/2018 3:24 PM | Ann Ninness

Dear SIG 15 affiliates,

Please participate in the Therapy Cap Coalition Thunderclap. Congress has agreed on a bipartisan framework to permanently repeal the therapy cap, but lawmakers need to act. There are many pressing issues before Congress right now, and they need to hear from you that this is a priority. Twenty years of temporary fixes is enough!

We'd love to have as many people as we can joining this effort. The point of this is to get #StopTheCap and #TherapyCantWait trending. Here's how it works. When you click on the link below, you can sign up to support the Thunderclap via your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Afterwards, at a designated time, everyone who signed up for the Thunderclap will have the same message and hashtag post at the same time on their social media. It's currently scheduled to go live at the end of the month.

Link to Therapy Cap Coalition Thunderclap -

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