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ISHA School-Based Task Force Speech-Language Guidance Document

09 Nov 2017 2:41 PM | Ann Ninness (Administrator)

You'll find in the link below a non-regulatory, optional speech-language guidance document that has been developed by an ISHA school-based task force for districts to use when considering best practice and eligibility/dismissal decisions for students.  What impacts caseload size is a complex issue, but it was found that districts (nationally and locally) who have used similar guidance have more reasonable caseloads than districts who don't have guidance considerations.  This document also emphasizes that caseload is just one part of a SLP's responsibilities in schools.  The range of roles that the SLP has in schools needs to be considered for the SLP to work most collaboratively with other general education and special education professionals, as well as to work toward supporting positive outcomes for all students.

Please contact directly the task force members below with any questions, thoughts, and/or comments that you may have about the document.  We will develop a FAQ document to share-out the collection of questions / responses.  There will also be a session at ISHA's Spring Convention (in April 2018) to address the development and implementation of the document. 

Christina Bradburn ( VP of Speech-Language Pathology

Kara Landis ( Task Force Co-Chair

Rachel Ross-Kroemer ( --ISHA Immediate Past-President

This guidance document has also been reviewed by ICASE Executive Committee members, input provided, and collaborative updates made to the document.  This document was also shared with the IDOE's Office of Special Education for review.  

Speech-Language Guidance Document.pdf

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