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Important Update - Contact Your Legislators Today About Medicaid in Schools!

06/21/2017 12:30 PM | Anonymous

Dear Rachel, 

PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO YOUR COLLEAGUES IN YOUR STATE AND IN OTHER STATES... (apologies to our Canadian and International members--this is a US-centric issue!) 

Many of our Education Partner Organizations are urging us all to  make the "Medicaid in schools" argument to the ENTIRE Congressional delegation. It is critical we make our case about this issue and how it will negatively impact students with disabilities! 

Visit the Legislative Action Center  to write your Congressional Delegation --there are three letters we need you to send.  

One letter is on the negative impact of the current House version of the AHA bill will have on students with disabilities. It is important for you to let your Senators know your conviction on this issue. Remember you can add and cut these letters to make them more personal to you and your district. 

Another letter  is on the fiscal year (FY) 2017 and FY 2018 appropriations budgets. We ask you to urge your member of Congress to invest in children with exceptionalities by funding special education, gifted education and early intervention programs! 

The third letter is about supporting public education and is a message we need to make sure all  of Congress hears! 

Budgets are tight and Congress is under extreme pressure to keep funding to a minimum. Tell Congress education can not absorb any more funding cuts! 

Go to CEC's  Legislative Action Center  today!


So in closing...please visit the the CEC LAC to send your three letters!  Encourage all your friends to do the same--children are depending on your voice! 


Thank you for all you do EVERYDAY! 

Luann Purcell

Executive Director

Council of Administrators of Special Education

Want your voice heard even louder?  Why not register for the Special Education Summit, July 9-13!  We want to have a BIG foot print up on the Hill on Tuesday, July 11! 

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