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Your new representative for Indiana with the ASHA State Advocacy for Medicare Policy (StAMP)

28 Mar 2016 11:33 AM | Ann Ninness (Administrator)


This is Jennifer Freeman, your new representative for Indiana with the ASHA State Advocacy for Medicare Policy (StAMP).  So far I have attended one StAMP meeting via goto meeting and have learned about the structure of the ASHA StAMPS.  I am now a member of their ASHA community where StAMP representatives from most of the 50 states and ASHA representatives post information about current trends and questions about the various MAC (Medicare Administrative Contractors).  I hope to create Blog entries to keep you informed of StAMP topics.  I also want to hear about any specific trends or problems you are experiencing with Medicare.  The best way to contact me is by email   I am very new to all of this, but want to strive to communicate through the ISHA blog. 

The latest topic was about coverage for skilled speech-language pathology services in skilled nursing facilities after a qualifying acute care stay.  The bottom-line is that Medicare beneficiaries are entitled to all medically necessary care related to the condition for which they were hospitalized or any other such conditions that arose or were identified during the qualifying acute care stay.  Some MACs are questioning speech services in SNF when they were not provided in acute care. 

Also discussed in the March meeting were University Clinic Medicare Issues for Audiology and Speech Language Pathology.  Nationally, very few SLP’s are enrolled as a Medicare provider when compared to our fellow Audiologist, OT and PT colleagues.  Why should university supervisors enroll?  SLP’s cannot provide services to any Medicare recipient without being enrolled.  Barriers discussed were the need to have a physician on site and the supervision requirement of students being under the direction of enrolled SLP 100% of time.  Check out this article written by a fellow StAMP from Texas, Lisa Milliken, she does a great job explaining about enrolling to be a Medicare provider.

The next meeting will be 4/5/2016 and the topic will be Value based payment Part B:  Merit based Incentive Payment System.

Advocating for Indiana!

Jennifer Freeman, MA CCC-SLP

ISHA member

ASHA StAMP for Indiana

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