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IIEPRC and EERC: What DO these acronyms stand for??

05 Jun 2013 3:51 PM | Ann Ninness (Administrator)

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IIEPRC and EERC: What DO these acronyms stand for??

I have previously shared information about these resource centers on Learning Connection, ISHA’s HearSay newsletter, and also briefly during our Business Meeting at Convention. I feel the information available from these resource centers is very valuable to special educators – including speech-language pathologists – so much so, that I’m sharing the information again through ISHA’s blog.

I represent ISHA on the Indiana IEP Resource Center and the Effective Evaluation Resource Centers’ Advisory Boards (IIEPRC and EERC). I attended their annual meetings on 3/7/13. Please visit their websites!! They have excellent resources!

Some information you may find helpful on the IIEPRC’s website ( writing measurable goals, progress monitoring, LRE resources, effective IEP processes, inclusive practices, continuing education opportunities, and so much more!! Be sure to access the January 2013 document titled, Statewide Assessment Resource Guide and Toolkit: Participation Decisions and Use of Accommodations for Students with Disabilities. There are “Accommodations to Consider for Instruction” and “Accommodations to Consider for Assessments” in the communication areas of Articulation, Fluency, Voice, and Language (in addition to other eligibility areas).

Information/topics you may find helpful on the EERC’s website: ( continuing education opportunities (that overlap with the IIEPRC), Evaluation Process FAQ, resources for parents, preschool assessment and intervention, assessment of English Language Learners, educational evaluation reports, evaluation practices, examples of district procedure documents (e.g., evaluation procedures, move-in procedures, referral procedures, etc.), and a RtI Data team book (to name just a few). There are also resources titled: “FOR ILLUSTRATION AND DEMOSTRATION ONLY / FIDO” -- SLD Eligibility Evidence, Criteria, and Data Sources and SLD Certification forms. These were developed to support local/district level decisions for eligibility in the area of SLD. There was discussion at the Advisor Board meeting to develop FIDO forms in the eligibility area of LSI (as well as some other eligibility areas). I will be sure to pass along information about this resource once it’s developed.

Rachel Ross-Kroemer, M.A., CCC-SLP

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