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04/02/2013 7:14 PM | Anonymous

Questions and Answers about the ISHA Convention

Q:  Why did the spring convention change locations?

A:  ISHA had a contract with the prior hotel that expired last year.  It was expensive to continue in that location.  ISHA surveyed members about what was important to them.  A committee of members looked at several locations around Indy to decide what best fit our needs. 

Q:  When does the program committee start planning for convention?

A:  The program committee and Central Office start immediately after the prior convention by looking over the comments from attendees.  They meet and participate in conference calls multiple times a year for brainstorming, planning and coordinating the speakers and logistics that must come together to create the convention.  

Q:  How does the program committee decide who to invite to speak at convention?

A:  The committee first looks over the attendee’s comments and suggestions from the prior convention. 

Q:  Why do some speakers return several years in a row?

A:  When members request the same speaker return, ISHA honors that request.  It is an indication that members valued what they gained from that speaker’s presentation. 

Q:  I have heard that ISHA is going to have an App to enhance the convention communication, is this true?

A:  YES!  It is not available yet, but should be available before the convention.  Watch for further info about this exciting new addition.  You will be able to access convention handouts, get reminders about sessions you are registered to attend, legislative updates and more.  The app will be compatible with Apple and Droid devices. 

Q:  At what temperature are the meeting rooms set at?

A:  All meeting rooms are set at a constant temperature, near 68 degrees, by the hotel staff. Please dress in layers to ensure your personal comfort. 

Q:  How much do we spend on snacks and continental brekfast at convention?

A:  Approximately $20,000.00 plus sales tax – plus 22% gratuity which is required at all hotels.

Q:  How does ISHA decide what to serve (food) at convention?

A:  Part of the program committee tackles this important part of the convention. Our members have replied that they are much happier when snacks and other food is included as part of the convention experience.  The group looks at dietary restrictions mentioned in registrations and strives to stay within budget.  It is an impossible job to please and accommodate all attendees, but they try to.  

Q:  What is the total cost of spring convention?

A:  The 2012 Convention cost was $93,642.17.  The largest expenses are Food and Beverage, Speaker Fees, Speaker Expenses, Audio Visual and Exhibit Hall setup.  The 2011 Convention cost was $90,523.12.

Q:  How does ISHA solicit vendors?

A:  Central Office gets vendor names from ASHA, other state conferences.  In addition the exhibits chair attends related events during the year and forward potential exhibitors to Central Office.  All potential exhibitors are mailed an exhibitor packet, e-mailed and followed up with phone calls.

Q:  How can I get more active in ISHA?

A:  When you complete your membership paperwork, check any areas of ISHA service that you would be interested in serving.  You can also call Central Office and they will help you connect with the appropriate committee.  ISHA is an association of volunteers working together to promote our mission in Indiana. 

Q:  How can I receive non-electronic communication from ISHA?

A:  Call Central Office, or check in at the registration table at convention and your name can be added to a list of members that benefits from non-electronic communication.  There are many ways to stay connected and ISHA values all of our members. 

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