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HEARSAY UPDATE - March 2013: Please accept our apology for the previous blog post. It was not complete. Read this one!

20 Mar 2013 1:32 PM | Ann Ninness (Administrator)


Happy Spring to all our members!  I have quickly learned that ISHA is busy year round and no one involved has been hibernating during the winter.  Please take the time to read information for the various areas addressed by the different committees and groups in the newsletter.

Preparations are being finalized for convention in just a few weeks.  There are some old and new events occurring as well as a program meant to meet the needs of members in all professional settings.  As we continue updating ISHA, we are going to have an APP for the convention that will include updates on the program, handouts, and other information of interest to our members.  If the membership finds this worthwhile, we will consider how we can continue to utilize it throughout the year.  Registering on-line is a quick and easy way to be a part of this year’s experience.  And after convention, give us feedback so we can address concerns and improve in years to come.

We are accepting nominations for Honors for ISHA through the end of today. Consider if there is someone or an organization you feel we should recognize for contributions to ISHA or to speech/language/hearing in general.

We are also still working to complete the slate of officers for this year’s election.  The positions to be filled are the Vice President Positions for: Speech, Audiology, Marketing, Professional Development, and Communications and Publications.  We also need to fill the Nominations Committee.  If you or someone you know would be willing to be considered for one of these offices, please contact me.  And if you would like more information concerning responsibilities for these offices, contact me. My email is on the website.

I want to give special thanks on behalf of the membership for those who have given so much of their time for the organization.  It is a task just to keep up through email communications with all that is being addressed in preparing for convention, working on legislation, keeping us up-to-date with our communications, licensing concerns and just helping to keep us informed with what is happening concerning our professions on a state, local and national level.  Consider volunteering to be a part of this in the future.  Just let Central Office know where your interests lie. 

Hope to see many of you at convention.  And please, come talk to me and other members of the Executive Council with your ideas, concerns, likes and dislikes.  We can only make ISHA serve you if we know your needs and concerns.

Ruth Ann Morrell

A Note from President-Elect
Rachel Ross-Kroemer

I represent ISHA on the Indiana IEP and the Effective Evaluation Resource Centers’ Advisory Boards (IIEPRC and EERC).  I attended their annual meetings on 3/7/13.  Please visit their websites!!  They have excellent resources! 

Some information you may find helpful on the IIEPRC’s website  writing measurable goals, progress monitoring, LRE resources, effective IEP processes, inclusive practices, continuing education opportunities, and so much more!!  Be sure to access the January 2013 document titled, Statewide Assessment Resource Guide and Toolkit: Participation Decisions and Use of Accommodations for Students with Disabilities.  There are “Accommodations to Consider for Instruction” and “Accommodations to Consider for Assessments” in the communication areas of Articulation, Fluency, Voice, and Language (in addition to other eligibility areas).

Information/topics you may find helpful on the EERC’s website: continuing education opportunities (that overlap with the IIEPRC), Evaluation Process FAQ, resources for parents, preschool assessment and intervention, assessment of English Language Learners, educational evaluation reports, evaluation practices, examples of district procedure documents (e.g., evaluation procedures, move-in procedures, referral procedures, etc.), and RTI Data team book (to name just a few).  There are also resources titled: “FOR ILLUSTRATION AND DEMOSTRATION ONLY / FIDO” -- SLD Eligibility Evidence, Criteria, and Data Sources and SLD Certification forms.  These were developed to support local/district level decisions for eligibility in the area of SLD.  There was discussion at the Advisory Board meeting to develop FIDO forms in the eligibility area of LSI (as well as some other eligibility areas).  I will be sure to pass along information about this resource once it’s developed.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at:

Rachel Ross-Kroemer, M.A., CCC-SLP

News Update from the SMAC and STAR Networks
A Note from ISHA representative
Susan Rockafellow

ISHA applied for a grant from ASHA and was awarded a $4400 personnel grant for its legislative advocacy initiatives for speech language pathology and audiology.  This grant was funded under ASHA’s Strategic Pathway to Excellence. 

SMAC stands for ASHA’s State Medicare Administrative Contractor Network. It was developed to enhance advocacy, leadership and communication of ASHA members at the State level to influence administrative and public policy decisions impacting Medicare coverage and reimbursement. SMAC can work directly with the MAC’s (Medicare Administrative Contractors), Medicare regional office officials, state health agencies and consumer groups.

If you or your agency has questions or concerns regarding compliance with local and national Medicare coverage and/or payment policies, you can contact our Indiana SMAC. With continual implementation and changes with the Therapy Cap or with the new Functional Reporting Implementation in 2013 this network can provide guidance and assistance.

STAR stands for ASHA’s State Advocates for Reimbursement Network. STARS advocate in their states for improved health care coverage and reasonable reimbursement. They target decision-makers in private and public agencies and the state legislature.

Both networks meet monthly with other STAR and SMAC members from all around the country to effect positive changes in private insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid.

For any reimbursement, policy or advocacy concerns and/ or to volunteer to assist in these areas, please contact our ISHA STAR and SMAC representative Susan Rockafellow @  or @ 317-468-4664.

Professional Development Team
Dee Combs

Hopefully you are already pre-registered for the ISHA SPRING CONVENTION, 
April 4-6, 2013 at Marriott East Indy 

 – Nurturing Strong Roots/Cultivating New Growth -   

The brochure can be found on

Fantastic speakers for this year include:  Mark Madsen, Sean Sweeney “Mr. Speechtechie”, Nancy Swigert, Kim Cavitt, Joe Stemple, Kara O’Dell, Patricia Zebrowski and many more!

New this year TWILIGHT SESSIONS on Thursday, April 4 from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

University Night on Friday, April 5 from 7 to 9 p.m.  Featuring special guest LIZ McCREA, ASHA Pres.-Elect.

This team is also currently working on our 7th Annual Fall Conference. 

Look for more information in the future!

Speech Pathology Team 
Jeanne McMillan

The Speech Pathology Team has been working extensively with Mark Scherer, ISHA Lobbyist, to meet and respond to these issues requiring many hours of committee communication and meetings at the state house.

              HB 1051 – Music Therapy bill, setting scope of practice for Music Therapists

              HB 1152 – OT Scope of Practice, ISHA is very involved in defending the SLP as the most prepared to service patients with dysphagia based on training and there is a taskforce working directly on this issue.  Janet Deppe, our ASHA liason is collaborating on this issue in addition to the support from our lobbyist, Mark Scherer.

              SB 554 – Telehealth and Telemedicine, requires Medicare to reimburse for these services

              SB 520 – ERASER – Eliminate Reduce and Streamline Employee Regulation – initially called for each profession to be reviewed every 5 years and licensure eliminated or consolidated, ISHA monitoring this bill

As always, if you would like to volunteer to serve on any of the sub-committees of the Speech Language Pathology team, please email

Audiology Team 
Heidi Neuburger

ISHA currently monitoring national discussion of online hearing aid servicesand an ISHA position statement is in the works defending the service for consumers.  In addition, this team is monitoring funding decisions for the Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing. 

Marketing Team
Susan Latham

ISHA college visits have started.  Each university NSSHLA group in Indiana will meet with an ISHA representative and discuss what ISHA can do for the profession and the importance of membership.  

This committee has been working on a new Mentoring Program, which will be launched at the spring convention. 

College students are paired with ISHA members who provide guidance, feedback, and support for career development in the professions in a meaningful one-to-one relationship.

We are also working on developing a survey for speech-language pathologists and audiologists regarding recruitment and retention of ISHA members.  Surveys will be distributed toward the end of summer.

Communications & Publications
Jennifer Freeman


This committee wants to formally thank Central Office for their support with launching the ISHA Blog, Facebook page, and Twitter account.  We are glad to report that several new sets of willing hands are working on the projects of this committee.  We plan to record a few podcasts at this spring’s ISHA convention as a trial run to possibly offering electronic professional development in the future. All members are encouraged to subscribe to the ISHA blog on our homepage.  This will be the primary way that ISHA will share news in the near future. 

Also new this year, ISHA logo items will be offered for sale soon via the website and at convention. Our goal is to increase the visibility of ISHA members in the workplace.  

--Fleece vests, ¾ sleeve oxfords, t-shirts, tote bags, coffee mugs, lapel pins and more-- 

Check out our display at convention.  We will also have a computer available to help members subscribe to the blog. 

To support and empower members to provide the highest quality, life changing communication, swallowing and hearing services to the people of the State of Indiana.

Email:; Phone: ‪317-721-1585
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