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Letter from President Ruth Ann Morrell

31 Dec 2012 12:48 PM | Ann Ninness (Administrator)

Happy New Year!


As the New Year approaches there are several items important for all ISHA members to be aware of. 

  • The state legislature will be back in session in January.  If you are willing to support legislative efforts, or you wish to participate in a legislative day, please be sure to contact Central Office.  At the time of this writing, we don’t know what bills may be introduced that affect those in our profession and those we service.  As always, our lobbyist, Mark Scherer, will be monitoring all proposed legislation to keep us up-to-date.  There have been many changes in the make up of the legislature and the various committees, so we will need to be sure to monitor the process closely this year.
  • A task force is being formed to develop information concerning emergency permits for those serving students in the schools.  This task force will be compiling information to be dispensed to several groups in an attempt to be sure all are aware of the ramifications of having those who do not have adequate preparation working without the appropriate supervision.  If you have concerns about this process or would be interested in being a part of this task force, please contact Central Office.
  • A link has been added on the webpage to PACE, which is an evaluation tool that was developed by ASHA that can be adapted for use in the school systems.  It has a great deal of background information and research into the Value Added Assessment process in relation to speech pathologists.
  • Please be sure to notify Central Office if you are willing to serve ISHA as a volunteer on a committee or as an officer.  As in many organizations, it appears that people are less willing to volunteer their time.  ISHA is not just a means of achieving CEUs.  It is an organization that advocates for you, so please consider how you can be a part of ISHA fulfilling that mission to benefit you and other members.
  • Mark the dates of April 4 through 6 to attend the annual convention. The convention committee has been working since the conclusion of the last convention to procure speakers and plan other events. 

My hope for all of you is that the coming year is one which brings you fulfillment, as little stress as possible, laughter and love. 

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