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ISHA 2020 Fall Forum

Fall Forum for School-Based Issues

Presenter: Teresa Ukrainetz
Dates: October 26 & October 27
Location: Saint Mary's College
Cost: Free (registration is limited) [updated information is expected mid-June or July]

The Fall Forum is made possible by an ASHA State Association Grant, which is funded under ASHA's Strategic Pathway to Excellence

Session 1 - Expository Intervention: Teaching how to talk

For later elementary grades and beyond, students must
understand and learn from academic texts. They must compose essays, reports, and oral presentations across school subjects. Speech-language pathologists face the challenge of motivating students while targeting their specific learning needs within the constraints of school service delivery. This presentation will address the nature of expository discourse; how to efficiently and informatively assess students' expository language; explain the evidence base for effective SLP intervention, and explain how to provide contextualized skill treatment involving meaningful, classroom-connected expository activities organized around critical elements of treatment. [CEUs: 3 hours]

Session 2 - Text Comprehension: Strategic choices to develop strategic learning

In later elementary grades, students must shift from learning to read (and write) to understanding, learning from, and using academic texts. There is considerable evidence on effective components of a comprehensive reading instruction program. However, SLPs need to be strategic about their roles within this large picture, so they can provide distinctive contributions that effect noticeable changes in student performance. An area particularly suited to the expertise and resources of SLPs is teaching simple text comprehension and earning strategies.This talk presents the research evidence on strategy instruction, including the use of explicit instruction, spoken interactions around text, cognitive modeling, peer learning, classroom connections, and disciplinary literacy. Treatment procedures are aimed toward moving strategies from being teaching tools of the SLP to becoming learning tools of the student. This presentation will provide treatment ideas for treatment activities and materials to scaffold more active, independent, and strategic learners. [CEUs: 3 hours]

Session 3 - Teaching Phonemic Awareness: What, how, when, and how much

Phonemic awareness is now taught in kindergarten and first grade classrooms. Even preschoolers have begun to learn about phonemes. We have moved from whether phonemic awareness ought to be taught to questions of what skills, in what manner, how often, to whom, for how long, and at what ages. This presentation will review the research evidence for the specifics of phonemic awareness intervention in light of current RTI, classroom reading instruction, and Common Core Standards. The talk will address procedures, activities, and materials within the same contextualized skill approach as other language skills, with horizontal skill ordering and systematic scaffolding within print activities. [CEUs: 3 hours]

Additional Details

A dinner and an informal discussion of school-based issues is scheduled for October 26 at no cost to participants.

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