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ACE Listing Indiana

The following ASHA members and/or certificate holders from Indiana were presented the Award for Continuing Education (ACE) by the Continuing Education Board. The ACE is a formal recognition of professionals who have demonstrated their commitment to lifelong learning by earning 7.0 CEUs (70 contact hours) within a 36-month period. For those who have received more than one ACE, the number of awards is indicated in parentheses.

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October - December 2018

 Awardee Name  Award Presented  Awardee City
 Kristin Apostol  October 2018  Crown Point, IN
 Hillary Beck  October 2018  South Bend, IN

 Emily Bible-Ramsey

 November 2018   Lafayette, IN

 Donna Clements 

 December 2018   Jasper, IN

 Jon Cotherman

 October 2018   Shelbyville, IN

 Laura Dabney 

 November 2018  Memphis, IN

 Kelly Davis 

 October 2018  Kokomo, IN

 Rebecca Eberle 

 November 2018  Bloomington, IN
 Jennifer Freeman   December 2018   Bloomington, IN 

 Lori Gordon 

 December 2018   Brownsburg, IN 

 Liane Grayson  

 November 2018   Indianapolis, IN 

 Katherine Greene

 December 2018    Granger, IN  

 Naomi Gurevich

 November 2018    Fort Wayne, IN  

 Vicki Hammen

 November 2018   Terre Haute, IN 

 Judith Howser 

 November 2018   Fishers, IN  

 Sarah Hyland

 December 2018   Carmel, IN 

 Whitney Kasper

 November 2018   Lafayette, IN

 Brooke Kelly

 October 2018   Bloomington, IN 

 Christine Kelsey

 October 2018   Crawfordsville, IN 

 Ashley Marshall

 November 2018   Whitestown, IN 

 Mark Meyer

 December 2018   Greenwood, IN 

 Brittany Mills

 October 2018   Corydon, IN 

 Kimberly Moreno

 October 2018   Greenwood, IN 

 Vicki Morris

 November 2018   Dyer, IN 

 Melissa Newell

 November 2018   West Lafayette, IN

 Tiffney Noble

 December 2018  Zionsville, IN 

 Amy Piper

 November 2018   Bloomington, IN 

 Jennifer Rago

 October 2018   St. John, IN 

 Sarah Reaves

 November 2018   Brownsburg, IN 

 Susan Ross

 November 2018  Indianapolis, IN 

 Kimberly Rossman

 October 2018   Spiceland, IN 

 Donna Segal

 October 2018   Indianapolis, IN 

 Barbara Solomon 

 November 2018   West Lafayette, IN 

 Rena Trusnik

 December 2018   Columbus, IN 

 Julie Voor

 December 2018   Mishawka, IN 
 Tiffani Lyn Wallace  November 2018   Peru, IN 

 Jennifer Whitley

 November 2018    Bloomington, IN 

 Mary Zagzebski

 November 2018  Carmel, IN

July - September 2018 

 Awardee Name  Award Presented  Awardee City
 Charlene May Arnolt  September 2018  Indianapolis, IN
 Anita Bayler  July 2018  Indianapolis, IN
 Cindy Boaz  July 2018   Floyd Knobbs, IN
 Heather Bolan  July 2018  Saint John, IN
 Cara Burkett  September 2018  Gas City, IN
 Ana Cortez Workman  September 2018  Carmel, IN
 Sarah Cox  July 2018  Plainfield, IN
 Norma DeLaRosa  September 2018  Lebanon, IN
 Megan Doup  July 2018  Columbus, IN
 Amanda Dransfield  September 2018  Indianapolis, IN
 Steven Fosnaugh  September 2018  Evansville, IN
 Kimberly Griffith  September 2018  Columbia City, IN
 Carol Hession  August 2018  Indianapolis, IN
 Lydia Hittle  July 2018  Shelbyville, IN
 Naomi Horton  September 2018  Indianapolis, IN
 Stephanie Houghton  September 2018  Fishers, IN
 Carley Hower  August 2018  Monroe, IN 
 Maureen Jeffrey  July 2018  Fort Wayne, IN
 Katherin Kutanovski  July 2018  Carmel, IN
 Aveesha Lewis  August 2018  Indianapolis, IN
 Georgia Malandraki  July 2018  West Lafayette, IN
 Susan Matthews  September 2018  New Albany, IN
 Meredith McMillen  July 2018  Bloomington, IN
 Darlene Miller  August 2018  Granger, IN
 JoNell Ott  July 2018  South Bend, IN
 Julia Rademacher  July 2018  Bloomington, IN
 Jessica Rodriguez  September 2018  Sellersburg, IN
 Susan Roy  August 2018  Bloomington, IN
 Rachel Scheidler  September 2018  Wolcottville, IN
 Cheryl Stewart  July 2018  Richmond, IN
 Kristin Vincent  August 2018  Whitestown, IN
 Carolyn Wade  July 2018  Mitchell, IN
 Angela Wall  August 2018  Westfield, IN
 Kathryn Warren  September 2018  St. Anthony, IN
 Courtney Wisher  August 2018  Greentown, IN
 Jennifer Zietlow  August 2018  Columbus, IN

April - June 2018

 Awardee Name  Award Presented Awardee City

 Kenneth Anderson

 April 2018  Portage, IN

 Kimberly Arnold

 June 2018  Indianapolis, IN 

Jennifer Bakx

 April 2018   Indianapolis, IN

 Michelle Banta

 April 2018  Franklin, IN

 Jennifer Bell

 April 2018   Fort Wayne, IN 

 Cheryl Bennett

 May 2018  Anderson, IN

 Tracy Biggs

 June 2018  Kouts, IN

 Nancy Blocher

 April 2018  Anderson, IN

 Kelley Brown

 April 2018  Indianapolis, IN

 Dawn Burnside

 April 2018  Lowell, IN

 Mary Carpentier

 April 2018  Zionsville, IN

 Teresa Cass

 April 2018  Marion, IN 

 Lisa Cook

 April 2018  Bryant, IN

 Patricia Couch

 April 2018  Gaston, IN 

 Jessica Craig

 June 2018  Bloomington, IN 

 Shannon Deegan

 April 2018  Fishers, IN 

 Alicia Dillingham

 April 2018  Carmel, IN 

 Melinda Dowling

 April 2018  Bloomington, IN 

 Kristine Eiler

 April 2018  Muncie, IN

 Beth Ellis

 April 2018  Carmel, IN 

 Anne Ericson

 April 2018  Fort Wayne, IN

 Shelley Finet

 April 2018   Greenfield, IN 

 Kristine Fosnot

 April 2018  Brownsburg, IN 

 Kathryn Gadbury

 April 2018  Carmel, IN 

 Patricia Geels

 April 2018  South Bend, IN 

 Joni Goins

 April 2018  Liberty, IN 

 Eric Gordon

 April 2018  Charlestown, IN

 Alesia Hampton

 April 2018  Lafayette, IN

 Amanda Harty

 April 2018  Plainfield, IN 

 Rachael Hayes

 April 2018  Nashville, IN

 Julie Hess

 April 2018  Tell City, IN 

 Kristin Hiland

 April 2018  Carmel, IN 

 Casey Hinkle

 April 2018  Anderson, IN

 Patricia Horvath

 April 2018  South Bend, IN

 Kristin Houghland

 April 2018  Bicknell, IN

 Michelle Jackson

 April 2018  New Albany, IN 

 Molly Jones

 June 2018  Fishers, IN 
 Laura Karcher  April 2018  Bloomington, IN 

 Lisa Keck

 April 2018  Evansville, IN

 Alison Kelleher

 April 2018  Columbus, IN

 Sheryl Klasnick

 April 2018  Greenwood, IN

 Nancy Kneeland

 April 2018  North Salem, IN 

 Jennifer Lee

 April 2018  Columbus, IN 

 Angela Lengerich

 April 2018  Indianapolis, IN 

 Jessica Lindvahl

 April 2018  Noblesville, IN 

 Tracy Looper

 June 2018  Indianapolis, IN 

 Marilyn Losch

 April 2018  Carmel, IN 

 Amy Maki

 June 2018  Greenwood, IN 

 Teresa McClain

 April 2018  Muncie, IN 

 Elizabeth Mikolajczyk

 April 2018  Dyer, IN
 Claudia Mornout   April 2018  Lafayette, IN

 Ruth Morrell

 April 2018  Indianapolis, IN

 Samantha Mueller

 April 2018  Noblesville, IN

 Sarah Muir

 June 2018  Indianapolis, IN

 Marilyn Neff

 April 2018  Fishers, IN

 Katie Nix

 April 2018  Bloomington, IN

 Mary Ann Palmer

 April 2018  Rockport, IN

 Luann Peck

 April 2018  Carmel, IN

 Lindsey Peterson

 April 2018  Portland, IN 

 Alicia Pierce

 April 2018  McCordsvile, IN

 Veronika Radziwill

 April 2018   Indianapolis, IN

 Tiffany Roberts

 June 2018  Indianapolis, IN 

 Katina Rossow

 April 2018  Carmel, IN

 Megan Russ

 April 2018  Leo, IN

 Gwen Saffa

 April 2018  Carmel, IN

 Marianne Samuel

 April 2018  Zionsville, IN

 Dominick Scarfone

 April 2018  Bedford, IN

 Ruchi Shah

 May 2018  Indianapolis, IN

 Kristina Sheehan

 April 2018  Fort Wayne, IN

 Preeti Sivasankar

 April 2018  West Lafayette, IN

 Christina Soderlund

 June 2018  Rochester, IN

 Anne Sommer

 April 2018  West Lafayette, IN

 Cathleen Mize Spalding

 April 2018  Hobart, IN

 Erika Steele

 April 2018  Sullivan, IN

 Kimberly Tancos

 April 2018  Valparaiso, IN 

 Alison Therber

April 2018  Carmel, IN 

 Jessica Thompson

 April 2018  Marion, IN 

 Sara Thompson

 April 2018  Marion, IN

 Monique Trippel

 April 2018  Warsaw, IN 

 Catherine Turner

 April 2018  Richmond, IN

 Pamela Turner

 April 2018  Muncie, IN 

 Beverly Vicker

 April 2018  Bloomington, IN

 Kelly Wampler

 April 2018  Carmel, IN 

 Lavonne Warthaw

 April 2018  Indianapolis, IN 

 Allison Winiger

 April 2018  Fishers, IN 

 Laura Zachrich

 April 2018  Angola, IN 

January - March 2018 

 Awardee Name

 Award Presented

 Awardee City

 Myra Akins

 February 2018

 Gary, IN

 Karen Beeson

 February 2018

 Fishers, IN

 Michelle Brown

 March 2018

 Fort Wayne, IN  

 Stephanie Clegg

 January 2018

 Madson, IN

 Megan Conner

 March 2018

 Jeffersonville, IN

 Clifton DeRome

 February 2018

 Portland, IN

 Melissa Drapac

 March 2018

 Schererville, IN  

 Mary Ewing

 March 2018

 Muncie, IN  

 Michelle Gutmann

 February 2018

 West Lafayette, IN

 Samantha Hannah

 February 2018

 Indianapolis, IN

 Christiane Hileman

 March 2018

 North Judson, IN

 Jill Jeffery

 March 2018

 Fort Wayne, IN

 Stephanie Ketring

 March 2018

 Cambridge City, IN

 Kelly Knollman-Porter

 January 2018

 Liberty, IN

 Janet Lovett

 February 2018

 Granger, IN

 Lee Meyers

 March 2018

 Griffith, IN

 Michele Parrish

 January 2018

 Ft Wayne, IN  

 Rita Patel

 March 2018

 Bloomington, IN

 Denise Peak

 February 2018

 Greenville, IN

 Erica Rhonemus

 March 2018

 Liberty, IN

 Marcia Smitka

 February 2018

 Munster, IN

 Wendy Strickland

 March 2018

 Columbus, IN

 Valerie Tinnish

 March 2018

 Crown Point, IN

 Courtney Wisher

 March 2018

 Greentown, IN

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