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2021 Convention (Archived)

84th Annual Convention

The convention was held on April 8-10, 2021 online

Recordings of sessions were made available to all registrants for two weeks after the convention (starting 4/14/21, until 4/24/21) and were eligible for ASHA CEUs.

Convention Events

Demonstrations (replaces poster sessions): All demonstrations will be pre-recorded and posted online for attendees to view during the Convention. Please visit these presentations at any time. [List of demonstrations below schedule]

Our online convention platform will allow us to include exhibitors and sponsors! Please make sure to visit them at their virtual booths. Their support makes our convention affordable.

Access the 2021 Convention brochure, speaker disclosures, and CEU information on ISHA's Google Drive.

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Convention Schedule

Thursday, April 8, 2021

Time Speaker Session Title
8.00-9.00am Diana Jordan Keynote Presentation
Humor in the Workplace - Tackling Change With Humor
9.30-11.00am Margo Kinzer Courter Session 1.1
What It Means for Me: Literacy and Dyslexia
  Sarah Reaves Session 1.2
We Can Do Hard Things: Emotional Regulation for Children With Trauma
  Marilouise Nichols Session 1.3
  Kristie Brown Lofland Session 1.4
Building Bridges Project-Autism Society of Indiana
  Gyl Kasewurm Session 1.5
Don't Settle for Mediocrity- Simple Ways to Make 2021 a Year to Thrive
11.30am-1.00pm Margo Kinzer Courter Session 2.1
Speech Sound Disorders and the Impact on Literacy
  Emily Zimmerman Session 2.2
Oral Feeding Development: Examining the Genetic and Sensory Implications
  Marilouise Nichols Session 2.3
Recognizing Cultural Differences Versus Disorders in Adult Populations in Health Care
  Patricia Payne Session 2.4
The Indianapolis Public Schools Racial Equity Movement

Gyl Kasewurm Session 2.5
Deep Diving Into the Key Performance Indicators in Your Business to Dramatically Increase Profitability
Christine Ristuccia Session 3.1
Working in the Self-Contained Classroom Setting
  Cara (Carrie) Drake-Luecking & Kaitlyn Schmitt Session 3.2
Pediatric Feeding Development and Dysphagia in Pierre Robin Sequence
  Ianessa Humbert Session 3.3
Elucidating Inconsistencies in Dysphagia Management
  Jennifer Essig Session 3.4
Ethics in Fieldwork
  Gabrielle Merchant Session 3.5
Wideband Acoustic Immittance: What Is It, How Do You Measure It, and What Can It Tell Us?
Emily Whitman Session 4.1
The Other Side of the Table: Experiences and Education as a Parent of a Child With Dyslexia
  Jessica Brown Session 4.2
Fostering Improvement: Best Practices for Treating Children With Traumatic Brain Injury
  Ianessa Humbert Session 4.3
Let Them Eat Cake: Diet Modification in Dysphagia
  Jeanne McMillan Session 4.4
ACEs for the SLP

Christa Themann Session 4.5
Audiology and Public Health: The Key to Healthy Hearing Across the Lifespan
Movie night
A collection of four short films: (1) As We Are; (2) I am dyslexic; (3) Swallow: A Documentary; and (4) I'll Be Fine

Friday, April 9, 2021

Time Speaker Session Title
8.00-9.30am Ianessa Humbert Breakfast and Learn
The Creative, Self-Directed SLP
10.00-11.30am Christine Ristuccia Session 5.1
Got R Problems? A Phonemic Approach to R Remediation
  Kerry Proctor-Williams Session 5.2
Infants and Children Prenatally Exposed to Drugs: Implications for SLPs
  Tiffani Wallace & Heather Bolan Session 5.3
Evidence Based Intervention for the Clinical Swallow Evaluation
  Nicole Wingate & Brittany Toney Session 5.4
Leveling the AAC Playing Field: When SLPs Become a Virtual Coach, Part 1
  Gyl Kasewurm Session 5.5
Simple Changes You Can Make in the Patient Experience That Will WOW Patients
1.00-2.30pm Elizabeth Buck & Keegan Koehlinger-Wolf Session 6.1
Best Practices in Evaluations and Eligibility Decision Making in Schools
  Meghan McMillin & Jill Rabin Session 6.2
Safely Transitioning to Solids Using the Baby Led Weaning Approach for Babies With Feeding Challenges
  Erin Kollada & Julia Porter Session 6.3
Developing a Plan of Care for Management of Dysphagia Related to Head-and-Neck Cancer: Building Your Treatment Toolbox
  Nicole Wingate & Brittany Toney Session 6.4
Leveling the AAC Playing Field: When SLPs Become a Virtual Coach, Part 2

Lindsay Cockburn Session 6.5
Navigating Social Media as a Clinician: Building a Personal Brand Online With Listen With Lindsay
John Moore Session 7.1
Participating in Stuttering Support Groups: Motivations, Benefits, Experiences and Outcomes
  Jessica Riccardi Session 7.2
Pediatric Brain Injury: SLPs and Cognitive Communication
  Steve Zuckerman & Debra Meyerson Session 7.3
Navigating the Emotional Journey in Recovery: Rebuilding Identities and Rewarding Lives
  Jamie Bauer-Malandraki Session 7.4
Putting Evidence-Based Practice Into Practice: Integrating EBP Into Clinical Dysphagia Management
  Lynn Bielski, Jocelyn Bolin, Anjolii Diaz, & Lauren Shaffer Session 7.5
Memory, Acoustics and Effort: Examining Attitudes Toward Mask Wearing

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Time Speaker Session Title
8.00-9.00am  Denise Washington & Traci Barry Session 8.1
Medicaid Billing for Speech Services - Not as Hard as You Think!
  Tiffani Wallace, Jaime Bauer-Malandraki, Jamie Pulliza & Will Schmidt Session 8.3
Meet the Masters
  Jerin Burch Session 8.4
We Need You: Assess Your Supervision Competency to Grow Professionally and Support Our Field, Part 1
  Ann Bilodeau & Anne Sommer Session 8.5
Updates From Your Indiana ASHA Ambassadors
9.15-10.15am Lisa Cantrell Session 9.1
Sensory Boxes, Data Sheets and Stickers: What I Have Learned in the World of Preschool Speech Therapy
  Maia Braden Session 9.2
Pediatric Voice Disorders: Overview and Treatment
  Jamie Pulliza & Andrea Schaeff Session 9.3
Role of Medical Speech-Language Pathologists in the COVID-19 Global Pandemic
  Jerin Burch Session 9.4
We Need You: Assess Your Supervision Competency to Grow Professionally and Support Our Field, Part 2

Danica Billingsly Session 9.5
Teaching Self-Reflection as a Core Clinical Skill
10.30am-12.00pm ISHA Business Meeting and Awards
12.30-1.30pm Thomas Webber Session 10.1
Long-Distance and Hybrid Resources for Teaching Literacy and Reading
  Courtney O'Hara & Laura Davis Session 10.2
The Role of the SLP in the Pediatric Medical Setting
  Carrie Wade Session 10.3
COVID-19: Patient Outcomes Across the Continuum of Care, Part I
  Jennifer Freeman, Keegan Koehlinger-Wolf & Dee Combs Session 10.4
What in the World is the Indiana StAMP, SEAL and STAR, and How Can They Help Me? History, Current Events and Advocacy Updates
1.45-2.45pm Stacy Betz Session 11.1
How the Relative Emphasis on Diagnosing Disorders May Divide the Profession Even Further Into Schools Versus Non-Schools Based SLPs
  Brenda Louw Session 11.2
Can I Say Something Now?: Family and Child-Centered Care in Cleft Lip and Palate
  Carrie Wade Session 11.3
COVID-19: Across the Continuum of Care, Part 2
  Brandi Newkirk-Turner Session 11.4
Black Language Matters: Child African American English, Assessment and Intervention
  Ann Bilodeau & Marriah McKillop Session 11.5
Hearing Health and Protection for Student Musicians: The SLP Role


All demonstrations are approximately 10 minutes long
  • Indiana Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program (EHDI) Data (Suzanne Foley, AuD., CCC-A)
  • Social Obstacles and Coaching for Families of Children with Pediatric Feeding Disorders (Heather Riga, M.A. CCC-SLP)
  • A Year of Fun: Double Dose of AAC Literacy (Beth Browning, M.A., CCC-SLP)
  • AAC Simplified: An Overview of Speech Generating Devices, Access, and Evaluations (by Talk To Me Technologies) (Abbey Thiemann, M.A. CCC-SLP and Carly Engels, M.A. CCC-SLP)
  • An interdisciplinary approach to oral care: date from a pilot program in a regional hospital (Holly Anderson, Naomi Gurevich PhD, CCC-SLP, Carolyn Wade MS, CCC-SLP)
  • Establishing the Audiological Role in Diabetes Treatment through Community-Based Diabetes Prevention Education (Keith Rodgers, B.S. and Natalie Brooks, B.S.)
  • Emergent Shift to Telepractice during the COVID-19 Pandemic by School-based Speech-Language Pathologists (Charlotte Hilker, Tonya Bergeson)
  • Effects of Hearing Loss on Language- and Music-Based Bedtimes Routines (Dr. Tonya R. Bergeson, Colleen Kirby and Kailey Stolfe)
  • Using Improvisational Theater to Evaluate Reciprocal Communication of Adolescents with Autism (Mariesa LaRosa)
  • Effects of Face Masks on the Acoustic Properties of Speech (Kailyn Wade, Gabrielle Fanning, Naomi Gurevich, PhD, CCC-SLP, and Christopher Grindrod, PhD)
CEU information for demonstrations: Participants can earn CE credits in half hour increments only, for up to a maximum of 1.5 hours (0.5h for 3 demos, 1.0h for 6 demos, or 1.5h for 9 demos).

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