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2020 Convention (Archive)

 Was held Thursday April 2 - Saturday April 4, 2020 (online)

Convention Schedule

Sessions were live; those marked with (*) were also recorded and made available until 4/12/2020

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Time Speaker Session Title
8.00am Dear From the Ivory Tower to the Streets Empowering Communication (*)
9.30am Bradley Innovative Therapy Strategies and Service Delivery: Inclusive Practices Using the 3:1 Model
  Martinez Determining Client Candidacy for Telepractice (*)
  Dowd Audiology Medical Management in Diabetes Care (Part 1) (*)
Online Marketing Workshop for Speech Professionals (*)
11.30am McConville & Ford Baldner
Pediatric Voice Disorders
Effective Collaboration in Cognitive Rehabilitation:  Counseling Strategies (*)
  Dowd Audiology Medical Management in Diabetes Care (Part 2) (*)
  Essig The 4th and 5th "C": Cultural Competence (*)
Got R Problems?  A Phonemic Approach to R Remediation (*)
  McConville & Ford Baldner
Pediatric Voice Therapy; Rationales and Approaches for All Ages
  Wade Oral Care:  When Accountability is Low but the Stakes are High (*)
Hearing Loss and Emotions (*)
  Palasik & Michise
Incorporating Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) with Clients Who Stutter (*)
WebMD for the SLP:  An Overview of Diagnoses for the Pediatric Speech Pathologist (*)
Lewy Body Dementia:  The Most Common Disease You’ve Never Heard of (*)
Do Hearing Aids Prevent Cognitive Decline (*)
  Palasik & Michise
Mindfullness 101:  Experiencing Your Mind and the Neurology Behind It (*)
Movie Night
Race to Nowhere

Friday, April 3, 2020

Time Speaker Session Title
8.00am Browning & Waite LaFever Buy In and Beyond (*)
10.00am Buck & Wirth The SLP and the Reading Specialist: Partnering for Student Outcomes (*)
  Thomas & Layman The SLP and the Multidisciplinary Concussion Team
  Harris & Verdin From Screening to Instrumental (Part 1) (*)
  Bielski & Fleenor Exploring the Links Between Hearing Loss and Cardiovascular Disease (*)
  Whitley & Piper So What Else Do I Need to Know? Tools/Strategies for the Experienced Supervisor
1.30pm Whitley & Buck Case Studies in Effective Assessment and Treatment for Pediatric English Language Learners
Gurevich & Bugel Clinical Competency and Accent Reduction: Cultural and Linguistic Considerations in Treating Accentedness (*)
  Harris & Verdin From Screening to Instrumental (Part 2) (*)
  Browning & Waite LaFever Planning for Literacy and AAC (*)
3.30pm Gurevich Conversation Activities to Target Acquired Linguistic and Discourse Deficits (*)
  Sommer Safe in Sound: Hearing Loss Prevention Education for Children & Families (*)
  Hammen & Solesky Workshop in Clinical Supervision: Are You Ready for the 2020 Certification Standards? (*)
6-7pm ISHA Online Social Hour Time to sit back and relax after a day of learning! Grab your drink of choice and join us for the ISHA Online Social Hour. It might be a little chaotic, but hopefully, a lot of fun to see everyone and celebrate our profession

Saturday, April 4, 2020

Time Speaker Session Title
8.00am Wilson Effective Incorporation of Literature in Speech Therapy: Practical Therapy Ideas (*)
  Ferguson Neurodevelopmental Perspectives of Feeding (*)
  Hittle Super Sleuthing with Esophageal Manometry "007" (*)
  Foley & Elsisy Pediatric Audiology Best Practice (*)
9.15am Ferguson Evidence-Based Criteria for Initiating and Advancing Oral Feeding in Preterm Infants (*)
  Freeman & Rademacher SPEAK OUT! And the LOUD Crowd (*)
  Foley & Elsisy Indiana Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Program (*)
  Bilodeau Communicating Disorders Around the World (*)
10.30am ISHA EC Business Meeting & Awards
12.30pm Wilson The Language of Behavior Management (*)

Ferguson Sensory-Based Pediatric Feeding Difficulty (Part 1)(*)

Searl Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Part 1)

Newell Meniere's Disease in Childhood (*)

Latham Working Together for Comprehensive Solutions to Improve Speech Language Pathology in the Schools - A Year in Review (*)
1.45pm Bradley Innovative Therapy Strategies and Services Delivery
  Ferguson Sensory-Based Pediatric Feeding (Part 2) (*)
  Searl Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Part 2)
  Nunley Children with Trauma (*)
  Hudson Professional Ethics for the Practicing Clinician (*)

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