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Want to evaluate a specific aspect of speech or language but do not have normed or standardized tools? Check out the list of formal and informal assessment materials available for checkout to Indiana based SLPs at the CeDIR website for the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community. All materials can be ordered by phone; there is no fee required in order to access the collection; the only cost involved will be postage for the return mailing.

Check the website periodically as new tests and newer versions of staple tools will be added as funding becomes available.



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Help students with learning disabilities make a successful transition to college:

Consider the following statistic as reported by The Hechinger ReportOnly 17% of college students with learning disabilities take advantage of assistive learning resources offered by their school. This shocked our team at, prompting us to publish a college guide for these students. Our hope is that it will help those with learning disabilities self-advocate and feel comfortable seeking the services they need and deserve. In our new College Guide for Students with Learning Disabilities, students and families will find:

·         An overview of the transition into college

·         A guide to college accommodations & assistive learning technology

·         Key strategies, resources, scholarships & more for students with learning disabilities

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