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2017 Speaker Handouts 

Page - Leadership Lessons of the Lorax, Handout 2, Handout 3

Thornton  -  Best Practices for Resolving Ethical Dilemmas

Covert  -  Delivering Speech Pathology Services via Telepractice:  Evidence & Considerations

Champion,  Brannigan,  Howard, Peabody - A Tale of Two Classrooms:  A Core Vocabulary Journey

Harper   -  Benefits of Fees vs. MBS 

Commons  -  First Steps Update - Handouts will be provided in session

Brummel-Smith   -  Dementia Types

Rademacher, Risser  -  Help!  I Need Somebody!  Effective Solutions for Voice Therapy Clientele  -  Special Groups ; handout 2; handout 3; handout 4

Bradburn  -  Using a Workload Approach to Therapy in the Real World of a School-Based Speech-Language Pathologist 

Matthews Legal Updates & Hot Topics on SLP/Audiology for students with disabilities 

Breakfast & Learn - Kranowitz  -  Sensorimotor Ways to Help Out-of-Sync Kids Communicate; handout 2

Knollman-Porter  -  The Role of the SLP in the Management of Acute and Chronic Concussion Symptomotology 

Brummel-Smith  -   Person-centered Care for People with Dementia

Griffin  -  Early Literacy Essentials and the SLP: Practical Intervention and Consultation Strategies in PHONEMIC  AWARENESS That Work!

Strines  -   Practical Ideas & Resources for the SLP in the Math Classroom

Ansaldo, Hopf -  Using Applied Improvisation to Develop Social-Communicative Competence in Adolescents with ASD

Souto  -  Working with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Children and Families - Will provide handouts at convention 

Knollman -Porter - The Role of the SLP in Management of Acute and Chronic Concussion Symptomology II

Griffin  -   Practical Intervention and Consultation Strategies in READING DECODING AND FLUENCY That Work!
handout 2; handout 3

Wright  -  Every Student Succeeds Act 

Grooms - A Medicare Update: Rules-Regs-Reimbursement 

Griffin  -  Early Literacy Essentials and the SLP:  Practical Intervention and Consultation Strategies in VOCABULARY That Work!; handout 2; handout 3; handout 4

Fairchild  -  Dealing with Differences in Clinical Supervision:  How Generational, Cultural and Personal Difference May Affect the Clinical Supervision Experience 

Hurley  A Year of Words in Action

Shepler  -  Thriving in an Alternate Payment Environment

Fairchild  -  Difference vs. Disorder:  Evaluation for Communication Disorders in Cultually and Linguistically Diverse Populations 

Sweeney  Tech Up Your Day-To-Day: Promoting Efficiency and Engagement In Your Practice

Quesal  -  Take an Empathetic Approach to Stuttering (even if  you don’t stutter yourself)

Pollens  -  SLP in Palliative or Hospice Care?--Yes!

Foley -   EHDI Update

Sweeney - Pairing Picture Books and Apps to Contextually Address Language Objectives  

Quesal  Empathy-based Practice for Stuttering

Pollens Aphasia and Life PARTICIPATION: Our role as SLPs

To support and empower members to provide the highest quality, life changing communication,
swallowing and hearing services to the people of the State of Indiana.

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