Vision, Mission and Core Values

VISION:  The Indiana Speech-Language-Hearing Association is the unified voice and recognized professional resource promoting and advocating for the basic right of communication in the State of Indiana.

MISSION:  To support and empower members to provide the highest quality, life changing communication, swallowing and hearing services to the people of the State of Indiana.


Excellence – Individuals with communication, swallowing and hearing impairments deserve to be served by well-qualified practitioners who consistently endeavor to update their skills and knowledge base.

Research based – The practice of audiology and speech language pathology must be based on principles and knowledge that have been and continue to be rigorously tested through the scientific process.

Member-driven – Decisions reflect the priorities of the members

Advocacy – ISHA has a voice in the shaping of legislation in Indiana. It is a goal of this association to support our members and the people they serve through legislative and professional advocacy.

Visionary – Decisions are guided by long term needs of members and the public, and informed by social and political forecasts and trends.

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